Similar Projects

In an effort to make roadways safer for people and wildlife, projects that restore roadways and the construction wildlife crossing structures has been spreading throughout the country. We can learn from each of these projects as we work close to home on Highway 97.

Washington Dept. of Transportation, I-90 Snoqualmie Pass East Project.  A 15-mile stretch of Interstate 90 in Kittitas County, Washington State. This project is split into three phases, and phase 1 & 2 were completed in 2019. Phase 3 is currently underway and will include an additional overpass, underpasses, and wildlife fencing.

“When this project is complete, travelers will experience a safer, more efficient six-lane freeway, minimized closures as a result of avalanches and rock slides, and a smoother ride due to new pavement designed to last 50 years. Wildlife habitat on either side of I-90 will be reconnected with the installation of new bridges and culverts, protecting both wildlife and the traveling public.” – WSDOT

Wyoming Department of Transportation, multiple underpasses throughout the state.  In Wyoming, the Department is retrofitting their existing highway system in multiple locations to increase safer passage for animals under the roadway.  They have installed underpasses for wildlife at Nugget Canyon, Towgotee Pass, outside of Baggs, and Trappers Point.  They have monitored the success of these underpasses capturing photos of animals moving under the roadway from ducks to moose.

Moose crossing under the roadway in Nugget Canyon underpass. Credit: WDOT

The People’s Way Partnership, Highway 93 in Montana.  The People’s Way Partnership is a unique partnership between the Western Transportation Institute at Montana State University, the Confederated Salish & Kootenai Tribes, and Defenders of Wildlife. The mission of the People’s Way Partnership is to effectively communicate the conservation value of wildlife crossing structures that have already been built along U.S. Highway 93 North on the Flathead Indian Reservation, to have the public informed and supportive of wildlife crossing structures in Montana and the nation.

North Carolina Dept. of Transportation, Interstate 40 in North Carolina, wildlife crossing structures are being constructed that take into account the needs of bears, deer, and elk.

Boise River Wildlife Linkage Partnership(BRWLP), Highway 21 in Idaho.  This group is a collaborative group of organizations, agencies and individuals working to provide, maintain and establish effective wildlife crossings and other mitigation enhancements through the Warm Springs Avenue and State Highway 21 corridor. Partners include Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation, Ada and Boise Counties, Idaho Dept. of Transportation, Idaho Dept. of Fish and Game, City of Boise, and Bureau of Land Management.  The goal of this work is to maintain habitat connectivity and to reduce wildlife-vehicle collisions and the undesirable impacts they have on people, wildlife and other resources the Boise River supports.

Underpass on Highway 21 in Idaho. Credit: Boise River Wildlife Linkage Partnership.