Just south of Janis bridge on  Highway 97 in the Okanogan valley between mile posts 299 and 312 lays an extremely dangerous stretch of highway.

Running north-south through the valley, Hwy 97 is recognized as a scenic byway and provides a vital transportation corridor for freight and individual travel.  In addition to vehicles, thousands of  mule deer regularly travel in the valley.  They journey between open lands, both public and private to access good quality browse and other habitat on either side of this valley.  One of the places mule deer most often cross east to west in this valley is along a 13- mile stretch of Hwy 97 between Riverside and north of Janis Bridge.  The combination of people driving and deer migrating through this narrow corridor results in an epidemic of road kill.

The Okanogan Trails Mule Deer Foundation Chapter and interested citizens are working with the WA Department of Transportation to identify and further solutions to provide safer passage on this stretch of highway for all. Learn more in the video below.